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50 Suggestions for New Leisure

1.    Try yoga
2.    Go bird watching
3.    Have a games night, play Cranium!
4.    Dance
5.    Host a movie night
6.    Join a bowling team
7.    Host a potluck meal
8.    Go for a walk with friends
9.    Join a book club
10.    Go on a nature walk
11.    Organize a bus trip
12.    Attend a town meeting
13.    Start a tea tasting group
14.    Play table tennis
15.    Travel somewhere exotic
16.    Attend a local sports game
17.    Trace your family roots
18.    Teach grandchildren a card game
19.    Take up photography
20.    Walk, run, or bike for a cause
21.    Learn a new recipe
22.    Host a family reunion
23.    Go to the zoo
24.    Feed the ducks
25.    Help local kids learn to read

26.    Go for an afternoon drive
27.    Go out for ice cream
28.    Watch your favourite old movies
29.    Paint your childhood memories
30.    Send a spontaneous card
31.    Try pottery
32.    Go ‘people watching’
33.    Teach your grandchildren to knit
34.    Try Scrapbooking
35.    Start a collection
36.    Get a pedicure
37.    See a live theatre production
38.    Join a group
39.    Start a group!
40.    Sing karaoke
41.    Write your memoirs
42.    Go to the library
43.    Learn to play a new instrument
44.    Write letters to old friends
45.    Get involved in microfinance
46.    Get a makeover with your friends!
47.    Go to a drive-in movie
48.    Make your house 'green'
49.    Make jewelry
50.    Volunteer at a soup kitchen!

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