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Types of Activities

The way people define themselves, and how others see them, affects their leisure activities. What we do for leisure stays the same over our lives. There are four types of leisure activity:

Passive: watching television, listening to the radio, and taking drives for pleasure

Cognitive: reading, going to entertainment events, hobbies, playing cards, and using the computer

Social: spending time with friends and relatives and talking on the phone

Physical: all types of physical activity

The most common leisure activities are those that are done alone, such as watching TV or listening to the radio. As people age, they may spend more time volunteering, watching TV or traveling. Many people spend more time on personal care as they age. The time spent reading, in the garden, and on hobbies does not change much over time. Many people spend less time with others as they age. Gender, income, and where you live affects what you do, and how much you do it. Older men are more active in politics and clubs. Older women tend to look after their kids and grandchildren, and volunteer. Married people are more socially active than singles.

Some other ways to spend your leisure time are shopping, dining out, walking, traveling, yard work, going to church or going to the theatre, movies, or sport games.

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