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Aging and Leisure

Leisure is how we spend our time when we are not working or doing other chores or tasks. This time can be spent in many ways, and each person chooses different things to do with their free time. Lifestyles are changing, and so too are leisure activities. People are retiring earlier, and living longer. The range of leisure activities is growing, and new forms of leisure are appearing every day. People are starting to do more activities in public and private places, rather than with family. Some people are starting informal groups. Why not join your friends once a week just for casual conversation? Shopping malls, coffee shops, restaurants, or parks are great places to meet your friends. Maybe mix it up each week!

More seniors are getting physical exercise now than ever before. Also, men and women are spending about the same amount of time on activities. People have a choice on how they spend their time. The continuity theory states that people do not change a lot as they age, but they perfect themselves and their interests. Some people have to make changes to their lives to adapt to their changing abilities. For the most part, though, you are more likely to do activities now that you enjoyed when you were younger.

The quality of leisure time is more important than how much time we have to spend. So, although we have more free time after we retire, it is how we spend this time that is important! Check out the ‘Types of Activities’ page for some ideas on how to spend your leisure time. A common belief is that any activity in older age is always good for you. The ‘Benefits of Leisure’ section will describe all the good things that result from leisure.

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